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If you want great insights and stories about today’s journalism, here are some books we highly suggest you start reading today. Make sure to come back to this page as we will be updating it daily with new book entries.

Stranger: The Challenge of a Latino Immigrant in the Trump Era by Jorge Ramos

Stranger is a book written by renowned journalist and anchorman Jorge Ramos. Back in 2015, Ramos was covering an event along the campaign trail of then Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

During the event, Ramos stood up and started questioning Trump which the latter did not like.

Long story short, he was thrown out and 3 years later, he captured his entire perspective into a book. Stranger tackles the imminent threat and issues journalists face today, especially in the era of Fake News.

Ramos mainly centred the book on his experience as a Latino journalist but all of us are sure to find value in it.

Beyond Journalism by Mark Deuze and Tamara Witschge

Beyond Journalism tackles the idea of relentless journalism or better known as the startup culture. This title also provides in-depth insight into the growing trends in modern journalism, media, communication, and the like.

The writers managed to distinguish the various and intricate disciplines according to the issues they face.

Beyond Journalism does not only tackle modern journalism but it dissects journalism as it evolves. A timeless read indeed. If you want more preferences, contact us today and make sure to subscribe.