Traits of a Good Journalist

Being a journalist is not an easy profession as it is bounded by several rules and conditions either implemented by the law or by our thought processes. If we were to ask you, “What are the top three traits of a journalist?”, what would you say? Be sure to send us your answers through the contact us page.

When it comes to journalism, everything revolves around information. It is then up to the journalist what he or she is going to do with a piece of information he or she knows has value, either negative or positive.

Here are the top traits we think should always be observed and practised by journalists out there.


featured image Traits of a Good Journalist Transparency - Traits of a Good Journalist

The distribution of information is an important factor in journalism. In journalism, it is more referred to as media transparency. Journalists should be responsible for how they handle the information they hold that might send shockwaves to the public or any recipient of the news.

But, transparency, in a sense is required given that it builds public trust. It means that journalists are dedicated to informing the public instead of manipulating the facts that may only benefit several people.

Covering Online Casinos in Ireland

featured image Traits of a Good Journalist Covering Online Casinos in Ireland - Traits of a Good Journalist

For example, one of the most talked-about topics these days in Ireland is online gambling. There are exposes being released left and right. People are demanding more information and casino companies therefore comply.

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Widespread Knowledge

featured image Traits of a Good Journalist Widespread Knowledge - Traits of a Good Journalist

Just like viewers and readers, journalists should also be aware of the latest news, even the ones not related to their beat focus. Widespread knowledge is having accurate awareness of current events, especially those that are of high-level importance.

A journalist can’t rely on their information alone and they must conduct research and thorough reading.

Ethics Above All

featured image Traits of a Good Journalist Ethics Above All - Traits of a Good Journalist

Out of all the traits, a journalist must never forget or abandon their ethics in exchange for personal gain or notoriety. It is important to always show respect paired with a thirst for information.

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