Career Opportunities for Writers

When people say writer, most of them think of someone writing novels and books. Well, the word writer has been heavily associated with that profession. But writing is an expansive field of work. You can be a writer for businesses across different industries.

Writing is connected to everything because it has something to do with basically everything. People write about politics, people write about sports, people write about death, people write about beer, people write about transportation and so much more.

If you are an aspiring writer, you should focus on something like a specific field or style of writing you want to pursue as a career.

Politics News Writer

featured image Career Opportunities for Writers Politics News Writer - Career Opportunities for Writers

If you are highly engaged with politics, then why not turn that passion into something you can make money from. Researching and writing news about politics is not easy and you need accurate knowledge above else.

The competition in this field, however, is fierce here in Ireland. Several journalists, most of them young, are getting more and more involved and engaged in political news.

Script Writer or Storyline Creator

featured image Career Opportunities for Writers Script Writer or Storyline Creator - Career Opportunities for Writers

When it comes to writing, you can be objective or subjective, you can be both. Here in Ireland, there are only a few writers taking on the path towards scriptwriting or storyline creator.

Some of them start at marketing companies writing for local ad agencies and other promotional campaigns. Many online and television ads for 7 sultans online casino has gone viral over a couple of weeks. The storyline or content of those ads is written by student writers.

Not much surprise there given that more and more online casino companies are now accepting interns here in the country.

Content Writer

featured image Career Opportunities for Writers Content Writer - Career Opportunities for Writers

Content writer if you think about it, can and is pretty vague. But, in content, content writers research and write content for websites of different natures, services, products or aims. There are thousands, probably even millions of content writer positions open right now.

The idea of outsourcing increased the growth of this role to a whole new level. Everyone can work as a content writer. However, not all can excel given that it can be hard to move up if you are stuck in one industry or website alone.

So, as a content writer, you need to be flexible and you need advanced research and writing skills.


featured image Career Opportunities for Writers Researcher - Career Opportunities for Writers

Writing and research go hand in hand, you can just write whatever is top of mind with your information, even if you are a genius. Writing is an evolving discipline and it evolves with knowledge and innovation.

Your research will also depend on how you interpret data and how you present them.

So, if you have a particular job in mind, feel free to share it on our online forum. Good luck on whatever path you chose to take and remember, write responsibly.