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Fintan O’Toole was founded by former executive assistant Sam Lawson. That is the short story of how it all started. Here’s the longer version.

Irish Journey

Back in 2011, Lawson was working as an executive assistant for the EIC of a local paper in their hometown. Lawson had a gift when it came to journalism. He knew how to write, conduct research, proofread, edit, layout and more.

Back in March 2011, Lawson decided to share his experience as a journalist with students and other aspiring professionals. So, that is what he did, through a YouTube channel titled, “Irish Journey.”

In it, he shared his knowledge, skills and assessments on the evolving discipline and many practices of journalism. He taught his viewers how to write a news report that is brief yet credible. He also shared his knowledge when it comes to structuring a news article.

Heck, he even talked about the entry-level wages in the journalism industry.

Fintan O’Toole

Fintan O’Toole is a known columnist in Ireland. He was one of the most renowned writers in Ireland’s news industry with his critical mindset. Lawson was a big fan of O’Toole. Not just a fan but probably his number 1 fan.

Lawson read most of O’Toole’s news pieces and columns. He is even aware of the columnist’s literary publications and drama critic side job.

To improve himself and the service he provides to so many people, Lawson decided to turn the video blog into a continuous information campaign. That is what he called it back then but in summary, a magazine.

The Fintan O’Toole Magazine

Lawson launched the magazine back in 2014 with a couple of his college classmates. It was hard to jump back to feature writing and it was even harder given that we are talking about the disciple of journalism and its many aspects.

However, Lawson can create a template and strategy on how to deliver content casually but at the same time packed with timeless information about politics, breaking news, crime, global news, sports, and more.

The magazine generated more than 10,000 subscribers, most of them based in Dublin, during its first year. Lawson decided to revive the old YouTube channel and use it to teach people about writing news for politics.

By 2019, the magazine had more than 120,000 subscribers and believe it or not, it caught the eye of O’Toole.

O’Toole and Lawson met a couple of times to discuss the magazine, current news and more. O’Toole even wrote a couple of pieces for the magazine. We have not published these pieces as we are saving them for an upcoming event.

For more information about these events, contact us today.